About Us

The Basin Pantry: Our Story
Our story began on the 10th April 2010, when two young men came to The Basin to embark on their journey of opening their own store. Peter and Richard took over The Basin Fruit Market and loved every minute. They took pride in being happy, hard working and always wanting to provide only the best quality produce to the locals.

Since then, they have both started their own families, welcoming their children into the world. Throughout their years at the shop, they realised they wanted more for themselves and for their beloved store. They felt the fruit shop lacked diversity in products and because of this their business was struggling. Sadly, in 2014, they both decided it was time to move on to bigger and better things.

After four years of learning, growing and gaining experience at another fruit store in Ormond, Peter made the choice to come back to The Basin to start his own business. He moved back to the store he had once worked in, all the way back in 2010, but this time he wanted to create something special. Inspired, he made the decision to move his store to a new and bigger location and began his new adventure of decorating and combining his ideas both new and old to shape his shop for what it is today. The Basin Pantry. A store for the local community to enjoy.

The Basin Pantry is not only a fruit and vegetable shop, but also a store that combines fresh produce and flowers, daily pantry goods, organic and vegan groceries, frozen items and gourmet products.

We hope to see you in our store soon with your baskets full of lovely items as Peter and his team continue to grow and develop new ideas for the store.

We love being a part of the iconic Basin shopping strip and enjoy providing only the best to our locals!